Hundreds of thousands of searches for life insurance, every month.

What's holding you back?

Acceptiv helps North American insurers reach the under-served middle market with online life and critical illness insurance buying solutions. We provide our clients with the platform they need in order to gain market share through direct to consumer and omni channel distribution methods.

Our proven, sophisticated, end-to-end new business solution addresses the entire customer journey, not just the quote or automated underwriting process.

Our software solution has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Canadian and US markets.

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Customers will buy online

Customers will buy online

Consumers are searching for online fulfillment.

Can you afford to ignore them?

Each month there are over 2 million Google searches for life insurance in North America; of these over 600,000 searches include specific terms such as "quote", "rate" or "buy", suggesting that many of these potential customers are ready to buy.

Yet despite this consumer demand our industry lags others in our ability deliver on this demand. Potential customers are searching online for insurance; many are getting quotes and applying, but not going much further. In most cases, customers are referred to an agent for a lengthy (and costly) traditional underwriting process. Other companies use simplified issue products, charging significantly higher premiums to compensate for the potential risk. If either of these is your approach, you are letting your customers down.

We believe there is a better way to address this customer need. It can work alongside or replacing a traditional salesforce, and most importantly this will deliver better customer satisfaction. This has been born out in our direct experience and research we have commissioned:

 “Almost half of participants found the value proposition [to buy directly online] very appealing (rating of 8 or more out of 10); these results are encouraging.

Years ago, when evaluating consumer interest in the ING Direct value proposition, our goal was to find interest in only half as many target group members (who we defined as innovators).“

- Head Research 2013

Our solution puts competitively priced, fully underwritten, products in the hands of your customer in just a few minutes.


Change is Needed

Change is Needed

The forces that defined how life insurance is sold have changed.

Have you?

Increasingly, consumers want to research and buy online. Fully underwritten online solutions are thriving in the U.K., Europe, and Australasia.

Everything has changed...


Age of average agent today -  57!

Ability of agent to serve middle market is fading 


Soaring interest in buying life insurance online: 250,000+ searches in U.S.A./Canada, every month

Trust in agents is dropping

Increasingly, today's model is online research and purchasing, with customer-in-control


U.K., Europe, Australasia: Online sale of fully-underwritten life insurance is well-established. Market share and number of organizations are both on the rise 

North American insurers:  Moving to external resources for innovation in technology; legacy systems and other conditions mitigate against internal solutions

How late to the party can you afford to be? Can you afford not to check out a proven end-to-end solution that will have you up and running in a matter of months?

Take advantage of us. Call 416 949 8920 to arrange a custom demo. Get a guided tour of the challenges and advantages of an online solution that can connect you directly with the hungry middle market.


Market Strategy

Market Strategy

We can help you put a personal life insurance policy into the hands of your customers in 12 minutes

Profitable new business growth is possible in the middle-income market with Acceptiv. We offer a turnkey solution that we can have up and running in a matter of months. Our solution can be configured to your brand image, or completely customized to meet your needs. The choice is yours. Call or email us today to start the discussion, we can help you understand the options, give you a customized demo or help you improve your current strategy.

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