Q: What type of customer wants to buy insurance online?

Research shows that educated, under 40 customers are much more likely than other customers to use online resources during the insurance buying lifecycle, yet there is a huge gap between what they need and what they find online. Many are frustrated that they cannot complete the purchase transaction online and delay or drop out of the purchasing process entirely. Acceptiv meets the needs of these customers allowing them to quote, apply and pay for coverage in a fully digital environment.


Q: Just a small percentage of life insurance is currently purchased online, so isn't the online market just too small to pay any attention to?

Since it's very difficult for customers to complete the entire purchase transaction online the percentage of total sales made online are very low. We believe that there is a large group of customers who want to do everything online and will complete the purchase today if given the opportunity to complete the transaction online. Experts agree that this type of do it yourself customer will continue to grow in the future. Our technology is designed to help you reach the growing do it yourself customer today, so you can grow your new business tomorrow.


Q: How is this different from Simplified Issue?

  • Simplified issue products are based on high premiums and few questions. Acceptiv solution is fully underwritten, based on many questions.
  • Consumer gets competitive price of agent-delivered policy, with speed and convenience of online.


Q: From an agent, it takes about 47 days to deliver a policy. How can Acceptiv do it in 12 minutes?

  • Tested, proven system already used across Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Experience on a par with traditional underwriting.
  • Old life insurance policies are designed to be delivered through agents. Ours designed for digital age.
  •  Sophisticated background processes very active in those 12 minutes, guiding user through a on-the-fly customized path.


Q: How does Acceptiv address the underwriting challenge?

With a proven, sophisticated system that:

  • Draws from your own rule set or our rich databank of 20,000+ questions, yet delivers fulfillment in 12 minutes
  • Is reflexive; each question given is based on the answer to the previous one
  • Is constantly fine-tuned, through online analytics





Q: What about rated cases?

By using reflexive questioning, our system automatically applies ratings where appropriate. An automated decision is typically made on over 75% of cases, the remaining 25% can be handled according to your chosen acquisition strategy (soft decline or manual underwriting).


Q: How do we know what the experience will be?

Our experience in Canada and Europe with automated underwriting shows claim experience is consistent with traditionally underwritten business.


Q: Isn’t life insurance sold, not bought?

It used to be. But:

  • Customers happily self-educate to gain economy, autonomy, and instant fulfillment

  • Old products were designed for old distribution system; modern products are designed with today’s consumer and e-commerce in mind.


Q: Doesn’t life insurance need to be sold within a financial bundle, supported by advice?

The middle market doesn’t think so – they’re staying away from traditional distribution methods and products in droves.


Q: Why don’t we do this ourselves?

You can. What we offer is:

  • Proven solution: The same great system that is behind Beagle Street and other European insurers, adapted to the North American market.

  • Integration: Complete, integrated solution that covers the entire online customer journey, not just the automated underwriting.

  • Support: Product, marketing and business support, full go-to-market services.

  • Branding: Brand to your colors, logo, and policy design.

  • Speed, ease, and safety: Move to online fulfillment in months, not years.

  • Predictive analytics to keep you ahead of the competition.


... More Questions?

... More Questions?

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